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End of Season Sale Finds That You Can Wear Now and Again Next Winter

by krismkoch

I am not even gonna say how sick of winter I am because I say it to you just about every day and complaining about it isn’t going to magically bring on the spring temps and flowers. Plus, it is slowly but surely starting to warm up and we’re getting the occasional glimpse into spring, like on my birthday when the temps almost reached 70 and we had this one glorious peak at spring (the hubs and I even enjoyed my birthday dinner sitting outside!). I am hopeful that it’s only a couple more weeks before spring will be here in full bloom, but in the meantime, it’s too damn cold to wear all the new spring trends I’ve been eyeing.

I am so over my sweaters and boots though. I just get so uninspired when I get dressed — it’s mid-March after all. With that said, I also hate being cold, and at this point in my life, I will no longer sacrifice warmth for fashion, which means I’m still doing the sweaters, tights and layering game. My compromise? Injecting a touch of spring into my wintry neutrals. I recently refreshed my all-black with a blazer work uniform with a crisp white skirt (actually a dress worn as a skirt) to make it feel a bit lighter and more springy. I love the chic and unexpected contrast the white brings even if the look does remind me slightly of what my mom wore in the ’80s (but hey, the ’80s are back baby). The white helps transition my favorite tweed blazer into spring, giving it more life and reaffirming that it was a worthy investment, even at the end of the season.

In fact, I bought this blazer end of season because it was on super sale and I had been wanting a classic tweed oversized boyfriend blazer since last fall. It’s always risky to buy end of season since you won’t get much use out of it until the following year and by then, and then you have to hope it’s still in style and you still love it then. But as you know, I love a good sale, and I try to take advantage of end of season sales to buy the classic items I know I’ll be happy to have the following year. Case in point: I never buy coats at the start of fall or winter when they’re full-priced. I don’t tend to do trendy coats (or if I do, I go for the fast fashion version so I can justify the price tag when it goes out of style the next year), so I find the end of the season when they’re all on sale the perfect time to invest in an amazing coat I know I’ll wear for years to come. In fact, last year, I bought the fabulous Tory Burch coat I haven’t stopped wearing. It was still a splurge but a much more reasonable one, and not only did I get wear out of it at the tail end of last winter, but I’ve worn it this entire season and got compliments every time I have.

Other items totally worth buying at the end of winter? Cashmere sweaters, scarves and hats, sweater dresses, tights (it’s the best time to stock up because you know you’re gonna need new ones next year), classic boots (like black ankle boots or black over the knee boots) and snow boots, jeans and neutral blazers. It’s hard to spend money on winter stuff when all you want to be doing is saving up for cute spring dresses and sandals, but let’s face it, you’re not going to be wearing those for awhile still, so March is a great time to take advantage of end of winter sales and then you can start investing in your spring wardrobe when it actually gets warm in April. Plus, some of the spring items you’ve had in your cart since like January might be on sale by then.

I rounded up the best end of season sale items worth investing in that you can wear now and next winter below.

Shop my favorite end of season finds that will take you into next year — and years to come.

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