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December 2021 Goals

by krismkoch

I almost didn’t writer out my December 2021 goals. I figured New Year’s will be here before we know it, and I always share my New Year’s resolutions anyway. But then I changed my mind, because I want to finish the year strong, hold myself accountability, and I’m not here to waste any more time. I know this month is busy with holidays and all that but I still want to accomplish a lot, especially the items lingering on my to-do list. It’s not just about finishing the year strong. It’s also about setting myself up to have a really transformative 2022. I want 2022 to be the year I finally step closer to my larger life goals as a mom, as a business owner, and in my career. For years I have put off making a leap towards the life I want because I’ve felt like it wasn’t the right season, I couldn’t step away from things I had built, I needed stability and to provide, and all of that. But in 2022, I really want to take a chance on myself and show up for myself and what I want to do and accomplish. Sometimes I forget how much I accomplished and built, especially as I see how much more other people have done. The comparison game, right? But I was an ambitious girl from the midwest with no connections who wanted to move to New York City and run a magazine, and now here I am doing just that. I was a young girl who loved her dolls and wanted to grow up and create a big family and here I am doing that. Now it’s time for me to believe in myself and take my next move to creating the life I want. And while I do like fresh starts and resolutions, I am going to try to set myself up this month to be in a good place to actually accomplish all my resolutions for 2022. And part of that is taking some of these lingering items off my to-do list.

So even though this month is crazy with the holidays, gearing up for our annual Christmas trip to Park City, and returning to the office, I am still setting my intentions for the month and including some lofty goals. Here are my December 2021 goals.

Finish all my holiday shopping. Not going to lie, I got a big head start on this, and I’m almost completely done except for a gift for the hubs and some presents for the kids that I’ll pick up when we get to Park City, since we’re getting there early this year. But I wanted to put something on my December 2021 goals that I had already semi-accomplished to help with momentum. Plus, I just love crossing things off my list.

Exercise 5 days/week. I have been terrible about exercise and eating crap recently and definitely feeling it. I know the holidays will be filled with lots of food and sweets, and I hate starting the new year feeling sluggish and gross. I’m going to try to get back into my exercise regime, so that I can up my energy levels and not worry as much about all the treats I’ll be consuming. With that said, I’m getting bored of my usual workouts. I’m going to try to do more indoor tennis and paddle nights when I can muster the energy. What else do you guys like for exercise these days?

Decorate gingerbread houses with kids. I think I may save this one for Park City as a fun activity to do after skiing and sledding. I am also considering throwing a gingerbread decorating party for the kids and their friends, but I’m not sure we can fit it in with everything else going on right now.

Take kids to lights show. There are a few different lights shows by us, and I love taking the kids to see the pretty lights. I think we may do a drive through this year, because walking around in the freezing cold is a hard sell for moi, especially since the kids are young and go to bed pretty early still.

Potty train Charlotte. We started this weekend, and I’m not going to lie, it’s harder than I remember. Maybe James was just easier, but in any event, I’m forcing us to stick with it even though I’d love to just give up. My goal is to have her trained (except for naps and sleep) by the start of the New Year. Wish us luck and send tips!

Take the kids to one special New York holiday event. We’ve already started checking things off our holiday bucket list, but I want to take them on one last special activity — debating between the train show at the New York Botanical Gardens, going to see the Rockefeller tree and ice skate, or getting tickets to the Big Apple Circus. Local friends, what would you rec?

Bake Christmas cookies with kids. This was a favorite activity of mine growing up and I am excited to do this with the kids all season long. I am trying to hold off until we get a little closer to Christmas so I don’t eat them all before, but I might have the kids help me with a special family cookie recipe that we can gift their teachers.

Decorate house. We didn’t do this over Thanksgiving weekend for a few reasons — some work being done on the house, I was getting over being sick, and we’re having our home photographed and hoping to do before we decorate. But need to get on this. I’m debating if we’ll get a big tree this year, or wait until we get out to Park City and just get the tree then. We did two last year, and while I loved having a tree at home, it was a lot to clean up when we got home.

Finally set up newsletter. This has been on my list for way too long. One of my resolutions for 2022 is to really grow Closetful of Clothes and to that end, I need to get my newsletter in gear. I keep making baby steps and then not pulling the trigger. I am doing it this month. What is the best newsletter service btw? I just can’t figure out MailChimp even though people swear by it. Help!

Book January couples trip. This one is also a longtime coming. Andrew and I need a getaway without the kids. We’re thinking Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, or maybe for a totally different route, Paris. We only have a few days, but I want something romantic and fun and have the itch to travel and explore. Send recs. I’m hoping to book this week.

Plan out blog content through first of January. I’d like to take a real vacation while we’re in Park City and before returning to work in 2022, so I’m going to try to get ahead on blog content, so I’m scheduled through the holidays and then the following week, so I don’t freak out and feel overwhelmed my first week back.

Post daily on Instagram feed and stories. I’ve been good about posting consistently every day on IG and my LTK account, but I really want to get better about posting more to Stories. It’s the content I like the best from other creators, and I want to interact more and talk to you guys more. Help me figure out what you would like to see more on stories!

Finish closet and clothes clean-outs. Time to finish the massive closet clean-out I’ve been working on for months, slowly chipping away at my closet as well as the kids’ and hubs’ closets. We’re in a good spot, but I have a final batch to send to The Real, Real and a final batch of giveaway to drop.

Paint touch-ups and paint play room. We have some paint touch-up work to do, including painting the playroom. I really want to get this done before the holidays, which means staying on top of the hubs, since this is his to-do.

Clear out Chairs/furniture not using or that we no longer want. I’ve been trying to sell a bunch on Facebook marketplace, but we have some old chairs that I think it’s time to recycle if no one ponies up in the next couple of weeks. I’d like to start the New Year with a clean home void of a bunch of extra chairs.

Be more playful with the kids. I’ve been exhausted and overwhelmed lately, and it’s been coming out in my parenting. Whether I’m short with the kids and not working on my mindful parenting, or if I’m just not enjoying them when they’re being silly and playful. I know this time is so fleeting, and I feel so guilty that I’m not joining their dance parties more or squirting them back in the bath. I’m really going to try to lean into my playful side more this month, whether with fun activities like baking and looking at holiday lights or by just being more fun and light with them.

Read instead of watch TV before bed. I have been guilty of the revenge bedtime syndrome, where I stay up way too late watching things I don’t even care about. I’ll basically fall asleep watching a show, but the minute I turn it off, I toss and turn. I’m going to try to read before bed instead and see if it helps/feels like a better use of my time. Any recs?

Set up consulting website. I used to do a lot of consulting before I had kids. I took a break because balancing my full-time job and Closetful of Clothes with kids was enough. But I would love to work with different businesses on their content, social media and marketing. I won’t have bandwidth to start taking on clients this month, but for my December 2021 goals, I’d love to set up a website with more info on my services as a start.

Wow that’s a lot, right? Probably too ambitious, but I’m going to work on making it all happen before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Wish me luck!

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