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What I Want RN: Cute Pajamas

by krismkoch

Help! I sleep in sweatpants and oversized t-shirts every night, and I think it might be part of the reason why  my husband laughs when I suggest we start practicing for baby number two. (Or it could be any sentence with ‘baby no. 2’, but I digress). In any event, I also find that I love taking pics with James in the morning when him and Dakota join us in bed for morning cuddles, or I’m feeding him breakfast or whatever, and then I never want to share the adorable pics because a) I look like poop b) I”m usually wearing glasses and most importantly, c) I’m wearing something embarrassing that I wouldn’t want anyone to know I own. My new theory is in direct contradiction to the stereotype of a mom, but when I became a mom, I felt the pressure to be always camera-ready because there are endless cute photo opps, and you don’t want your fugliness preventing you from posting to the ‘gram, and let’s be serious, who has time for the cropping and editing when you have a babe on the go who also loves to grab at phones? No one. So yes, I am in need of some cute (but not overly sexy or silky or nice, because baby) pajamas. It’s basically been my new mission, and it turns out, cute pajamas and loungewear is like everywhere, so now it’s more a matter of narrowing down the choices. If you’re like me and realizing you might need to upgrade your pajama game, here’s what I’m loving. I’ll let you know if the hubs noticest (wink, wink).  (PS: He’s going to be so pissed I wrote this.)


Everlane Oxford Pajama Shirt and Pant



Stella McCartney Poppy Snoozing PJ Set



Eberjey Gisele PJ Set



Roberta Roller Rabbit Elephants Bagh PJ Set



Roberta Roller Rabbit Lulu Peacock PJ Set



Cosabella Paul & Joe Floral Teddy



Eberjey Blue and White Lace Romper



 Maison Du Soire Blue and Red PJ Top and Shorts



In Bloom White Eyelet Pajama Chemise and Shorts



Kate Spade Silk Bird Print Pajamas



Kate Spade Peplum Stripe Top and Shorts



LACAUSA Striped Chemise and Ruffle Bottoms


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