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Closet Remix: 7 Actually Cute Ways To Re-Wear A Bridesmaid Dress

by krismkoch

Let’s face it: Even if it is actually not that bad, or pretty cute (like the dresses for my wedding were, right my lovely bridesmaids?), once you were it in a wedding as a bridesmaid, you really aren’t going to wear it again. Like if you wear it to another wedding, you’re going to feel like a bridesmaid and run the risk of someone else having been at the other wedding and recognizing it, making you feel even more like a bridesmaid. And even if you can be certain there’s absolutely no overlap, it’s hard to shake the frump factor of a bridesmaid dress, no matter how unfrumpy the dress is in reality. It’s just got that stigma attached. But that $300+ dress doesn’t have to be a total waste of money (as long as it’s not completely unfortunately looking (in which case, you’re pretty much just screwed)). With the right styling and maybe a little help from your tailor, I swear you can wear that bridesmaid dress again without anyone even knowing.

1. Layer a long vest over



And here are about 20 more ways to wear a long vest. 

2. Toss a leather jacket over your shoulders. 

long-pink-strapless-pastel-blush-pink-maxi-dress-bridesmaid-dress-rewear-black-leather-moto-jacket-spring-summer-wedding-party-going-out-night-out-transitional-dress-remix-your-wardrobe-black-and-pink-via-delete me

delete me

3. Lace up a pair of gladiator sandals

gladiator-sandals-via-taylor-tomassi-hill-floral-dress-cocktail-summer-wedding-party-via-candice lake

candice lake

Check out more ways to wear tall gladiator sandals

4. Tie a scarf around your neck 


stockholm street-style

5. Belt it


olivia palermo, cocktail party, wedding, going out, night out, navy belted maxi dress

getty images

6. Add a Bandana

black-dark-florals-long-floral-maxi-dress-bandana-scarf-styling-hac-floral-pshoes-mixed-prints-fall-spring-summer-via-pandora sykes

pandora sykes

7. Toss on un-bridesmaid-y accessories 



Hint: Very few brides are going to be down with studs…


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