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Why I’m Getting Rid of Half My Closet 

by krismkoch
As part of my new shopping strategy and the arrival of spring, I’ve decided to do a huge overhaul of my closet and do a big closet clean out. In the past, I’ve held onto a lot of pieces that I spent a lot on it think I might wear again, but many represent missteps. Items I bought as consolation prizes for the items I really wanted like the cheaper imitation jacket I bought instead of the pricier one I wanted or the smaller (and less expensive) version of the bag I wanted/needed, or the two dresses I bought from the brand’s sample sale instead of the one full-price dress I really really wanted. But truth is, shopping that way has rarely made me happy or excited about my wardrobe and yet those are the pieces that fill my closet and that I, therefore, wear over and over again. Hence, the closet clean out.
So I’ve decided this weekend, to do a full closet clean out, getting rid of anything that I am not excited to put on, whether that means selling it on sites like The Real, Real or Tradesy, donating it, or tossing those items that are falling apart or stained. I think it’ll be far easier to get dressed and to shop if I’m not constantly greeted by items I’m not that into or just don’t make me feel great anymore. And really, the whole point of investing in clothes is that it’s the armor for your day, the first message you send out into the world, so shouldn’t I make sure that everything I wear sends the message I’m hoping to project rn and accepting that in many ways, that message has changed from what it used to be B.K. (Before kids)?
I am hopeful that with a clean slate to start from getting dressed will be easier because rather than sifting through clothes I don’t like anymore or that don’t make me feel great but I feel like I should wear because they’re there, I can just choose from the items that I really love and make me feel great. I no longer have 30 minutes to try on outfits and put together looks in the mornings or even at night before we go out, so I need easy to toss on clothes that looks put-together but don’t take a lot of thought, so I also want to curate my closet with an eye toward simplicity and ease.
What about you? Are you cleaning out your closet for spring? What are you tossing? I’ll document my closet clean out and let you know how it goes (if I don’t get frustrated after tossing everything out and have a breakdown). I already feel lighter and more excited about getting dressed just thinking about everything I’ll be tossing.

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