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Smart Buy: Gap Faux Fur Jacket

by krismkoch

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect winter coat for awhile. Last year I invested in a classic navy coat that I’ve worn nonstop, the year before a leather-trimmed long black coat that I can dress up or down, and before that I was in a winter whites phase, but what I really need is a fun statement coat, or what I call a fashun coat. You know, one of those big furry, totally impractical but totally fun coats that instantly make any outfit look stylish and like I work for a fashion magazine (which I do). I’ve always been reticent to spend a ton on a trendy coat like a colorful fur because they tend to only have a season or two shelf life, but I also didn’t want a coat that looked super cheap. Which is why I’m super excited about this black and white faux fur jacket I spotted at Gap. Who knew Gap was doing faux fur and doing it so well? I would expect to find this option at Topshop tbh. I love that it doesn’t look cheap but it’s also fun and still goes with everything. I know I said I’d try to experiment with more color this year, but I can’t help it, I am drawn to black and white – it’s just so chic. But at least it’s not solid, right?

Hurry and scoop it up now – it’s on sale and such a smart buy. Looking for more coat ideas? Check out my favorite winter coats on sale now!

Gap Faux Fur Striped Jacket

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