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Bump Style: Something Navy’s Arielle Charnas’ Maternity Style Secrets

by krismkoch

Arielle Charnas, the stylish new mom behind Something Navy blog, is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. She has such spot-on NYC style, and even her dog and apartment are chic, and now her new baby girls, too. But I’m not gonna lie, this hot mama makes me seriously jealous with her maternity style. She has managed to look so chic and stylish her entire pregnancy. Her style hasn’t wavered a bit, she’s just added an adorable bump. Arielle is now on her third pregnancy and overseas the Something Navy empire, and I continue to be inspired by Arielle Charnas’ maternity style.

Her pregnancy style and openness throughout her pregnancy is always so inspiring, that as much as you want to hate her for being so darn cute even at nine months pregnant, youI also want to be her BFF. That’s probably why she’s amassed millions of followers and successfully built a lifestyle brand and clothing empire of her own. It also makes her a perfect pregnancy style icon in addition to being an amazingly successful blogger and boss. (Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she’s the definition of hair goals.) Somehow she managed to look chic AF for her entire nine-plus months of pregnancy.

Here’s how to steal Arielle Charnas’ maternity style.

Skinny Maternity Jeans

Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans are my go to – they are the best brand for maternity because they keep the leg size the same just add the stretch to the waist,” she told Mini Mode.

cfc-something navy maternity style-skinny jeans

T-Shirt Dresses

cfc-something navy maternity style-tshirt dress

Feminine A-Line Dresses For Early On 

cfc-something navy maternity style-ladylike aline dresses

Roomy Shirt Dresses

cfc-something navy maternity style-shirtdresses

Drop-Waist Dresses

cfc-something navy maternity style-drop waist dresses

Fitted Sweater Dresses and Tall Boots

“I bought all of mine from SHOPBOP,” she told Mini Mode, adding, “Knee high boots, they are my go to so I don’t need to wear pants.

cfc-something navy maternity style-fitted sweater dresses and tall boots

Cozy Sweaters in a Size Up

I have been avoiding buying maternity except for jeans. Everything I’m buying is just a size up and it kind of works out being pregnant in the winter because you can pretty much still wear all of your big cozy sweaters,”she told Mini Mode.

cfc-something navy maternity style-oversized sweaters

Breezy Blouses

cfc-something navy maternity style-breezy blouses

Fitted Tees

I’m more about accentuating it. I like wearing more fitted tops, when I wear big tops it just makes me look bigger all together,” she told Mini Mode.

cfc-something navy maternity style-fitted shirts

Black Leggings

cfc-something navy maternity style-leggings

Maxi Dresses

cfc-something navy maternity style-maxi dresses

Oversized White Oxfords

cfc-something navy maternity style-white button up shirts

Leather Skinnies

cfc-something navy maternity style-black leather leggings

Loose Waist-Less Knit Dresses

cfc-something navy maternity style-loose knit dresses


cfc-something navy maternity style-stripes


Baby Shower

Something Navy

Something Navy


cfc-something navy maternity style-baby moon 1

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