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Breastfeeding-Friendly Holiday Outfit

by krismkoch

I thought I’d be excited to dress for the holidays this year, now that I no longer have a bump. But honestly, I find dressing post-partum can be harder than maternity dressing. I’m still nursing, which means anything I wear needs to be easy to breastfeed in, which rules out a lot of holiday dresses. I also still have some post-baby pounds to lose and am adjusting to dressing for a much larger chest (thank you breastfeeding!), which complicates things more. Bottom line: I’ve been in search of the perfect breastfeeding-friendly holiday outfit to wear to some of our more casual holiday parties. I think this outfit is it!

I wanted a breastfeeding-friendly holiday outfit that made me feel good and that would make it easy to nurse between courses or drinks. These party pants felt more festive than just your standard black pants, and have a lot of stretch, which I need right now. I love how the peplum top is forgiving and a bit more fun than your typical button down but still allows easy access for breastfeeding. Plus, I can wear both throughout the holidays and switch them up with different things.

My trick to finding a breastfeeding-friendly holiday outfit is generally to go for pants and a top. Even though I’m a dress girl through and through, I find it’s easier to breastfeed when you can just hike up your shirt, and offers more privacy than unbuttoning a dress. I also haven’t found that many breastfeeding-friendly holiday dresses tbh. The key is to find pants that can dress up your look while being comfy and forgiving enough for your postpartum body. I chose to just invest in these and I’ll wear them on repeat with different tops. You can find so many festive tops at different price points and just rotate them in and out, and you’re good to go for the holidays. Any other breastfeeding-friendly holiday outfit ideas you’re loving? Share them in the comments and help a tired mama out!

breastfeeding friendly holiday outfit
breastfeeding friendly holiday outfit
breastfeeding friendly holiday outfit

On me: Veronica Beard Pants; Theory Top (old but similar here); Manolo Sandals (old but similar here)

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