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The White Jeans I’ve Been LIVING In

by krismkoch

I have a love/hate relationship with white jeans. On the one hand, I love how they look — in any season. They’re so crisp and, well, summery in summer, chic in fall and winter (especially paired with a white sweater), and the perfect intro to warmer weather come spring. I honestly think they make any outfit look one hundred percent chicer. My only hang-up? The fit. I feel like they can be incredibly unflattering if you don’t find the right pair. I’ve had a million pairs of white jeans over the years, but my favorite are these straight leg jeans from Madewell. They’re the perfect length, perfect crop, perfect high waist so no love chub on the sides, and they are just loose enough to let you run around after the kiddos/dog but structured enough that they don’t look all stretched out and baggy after a million wears. I love how the frayed edge gives them a cool update, too. I have been wearing them all summer with everything from T-shirts to tunics and dressing them up for work with a blouse or blazer. I’m actually surprised that they’re not covered in stains at this point, but so far, they’ve come out of the wash crisp and clean, another plus. Now that falls almost here, I’m looking forward to wearing them with sweaters, flannel shirts, and my newest obsession, puff sleeve blouses.


On Me: Madewell White Jeans; J.Crew Tunic (old but similar here and here); Steven Sandals

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