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My Favorite Maternity Swimsuits

by krismkoch

Finding a good bathing suit when you’re pregnant is about as much fun as drinking that gross liquid before your gestational diabetes test (though I know some people like it, ew, why???). I find shopping for maternity swimsuits to be agonizing. Maybe it’s because I’m always heavily pregnant in the summer and no matter how cute the suit, I just look like a beached whale.

But this summer, I’m determined to not hide under my cover-up and enjoy the pool and beach as much as possible. James loves the water and has been having so much fun at swim lessons that I really want to spend as much time with him in the pool or ocean or lake. Also, I find when it’s really hot and I’m really pregnant, all I want to do is be in a pool of water.

Like most maternity clothes, most maternity swimsuits I’ve found are pretty frumpy. I’m not one of those people who feels particularly sexy while pregnant, but I refuse to completely abandon my style because most of the pregnancy clothes out there are frilly and unflattering. Now, you don’t have to buy maternity swimsuits specifically, especially if you’re buying a two-piece. I wore a lot of my regular bikinis last time around, but I got to a certain stage where I just felt too big to let the belly hang out. This time around, I am gravitating more to one-piece maternity suits (and regular suits that work with a belly). I think mostly because I want to be able to run after my toddler, and I just find a good-fitting one-piece bathing suit to be easier for that.

Because I know the pain, I’ve rounded up all my favorite maternity swimsuits that after trying on a bazillion have proven to be flattering and comfy.

From top left:

Two-Piece Colorblock Bikini

Off the Shoulder Ruffle One-Piece

Neon Coral and Yellow Ruffle One-Piece

Striped One-Piece With Tie Shoulder Detail

Red Colorblock One-Piece

Heart Print Flutter Sleeve One-Piece

Navy Cutout Back One-Piece

Black Tie-Front One-Piece

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