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My Favorite Maternity Brand

by krismkoch

One question I’ve got a lot since announcing we were expecting: what are the best maternity clothes and your favorite places to shop for maternity clothes? To be honest, I don’t buy many maternity clothes (I wrote about why here). There are very few brands and retailers doing maternity clothes right, and you wear them for such a finite period of time, I don’t find it worth it to invest in too many (these are the maternity pieces I do think are worth investing in). BUT I definitely have answers to both questions. I already shared my favorite places to shop for maternity clothes, and when it comes to the best maternity clothes, Hatch is hands down my favorite brand.

The clothes are so comfy, flattering, and well made. They’re cool and effortless and somehow manage to make you look good without being constricting. They’re perfect if you’re already chasing after kiddos and prefer loser, comfy styles anyway, like me. But my favorite part is they’re designed to be worn during and after pregnancy. I invested in a few Hatch pieces when I was pregnant with James, and I continued to wear them after he was born and now during my second pregnancy. So I had no problem buying a few more of their pieces this time around, and they’ve been in regular rotation for the past several months. I also know I’ll be wearing them after the baby arrives too. They’re great for nursing and making you feel chic post-partum when you still look pregs.

PSA: Hatch happens to be having a huge sale rn, so if you’re pregs, I’d def recommend hitting it up. And no, I’m not getting paid to say that or for any of this. I just really love the brand, and it’s really the only maternity brand I’ve found that I love.

As proof, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pieces from Hatch that I’ve had on repeat this pregnancy.

Floral Jumpsuit

maternity jumpsuit

Floral Jumpsuit; also love the maxi dress version

Black Maxi Dress

maternity maxi dress

Old from three years ago but similar here and here

Black Jumpsuit

best maternity brand


Navy Tulip Dress

best place to buy maternity clothes


Linen Maxi Dress

best pregnancy clothes


Layered Printed Dress

best maternity brand


Asymmetrical Jersey Dress

best maternity brand


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