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The Best $5 Lip Balm for Dry Lips

by krismkoch
lip balm for dry lips

If you get dry, chapped lips in the winter and are constantly applying Chapstick, Kiehl’s or whatever lip balm that doesn’t really work, I am about to change your life. I never had super dry lips until I went on Accutane. (I will write a whole post on that another time, because it was honestly the best thing I ever did and I can’t believe I spent my whole teenage life with acne and didn’t go on it sooner, but that’s another day.) In any event, my lips did get dry as a side effect, and it was horrible. Just the feeling of dry, chapped, peel-y lips is the worst. When my amazing but fancy dermo, who is really the best, but caters to the Park Avenue crowd, said she had a secret weapon to combat my dry lips, I got nervous that it was going to be a pricey balm. And honestly, I would have paid anything at that point for a lip balm that actually worked on dry lips. But then she told me to go to Amazon and order a few tubes of Dr. Dan’s Corti-balm.

When I saw how cheap it was, I ordered in bulk. Now to be completely honest, it tastes like absolute butt, so if you lick your lips, you will regret it and you kind of can’t help but get a taste in your mouth even if you don’t, so I suggest following up an application with a breath mint or gum. It’s not gag-worthy or anything — it just sort of tastes like cortisone cream in balm form if that makes sense, or since you probably don’t go around eating cortisone cream (no judgement if you do), what I would imagine it to taste like. But honestly, it’s worth it. It will cure your dry, chapped, flakey, peeling  lips and prevent them from coming back. You can put it on under lipstick and not only will it not get cakey but it will help it slide on smoother.

My husband hates the taste even more than me, but every time the weather changes, he gets a cracked lip, and comes crawling back to the Dr. Dan’s. It truly is a lifesaver. So if you’re getting to the point in the season where your lips are horrific, skip the pricey balms, don’t try a million different ones or an old one that doesn’t really work, thinking this time it’ll be different. Just Amazon Prime some Dr. Dan’s and kiss dry lips goodbye forever.

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