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Best Learning Toys for Two Year Olds

by krismkoch
best learning toys for two year olds

Before I had kids, I always swore our kids wouldn’t have a billion toys that we couldn’t keep organized and that they never played with. Now five years into motherhood, I’m scared to open our playroom door half the time. It’s not necessarily our fault either. I didn’t realize how many toys people hand you down just to get rid of them, how many gifts the kids get for their birthday and holidays, and how easy it is to get duped into buying toys that seem like the hottest toys but only keep them occupied for 10 minutes before they’re over them. I have been trying hard to declutter recently as we focus on turning our sunroom into an adorable playroom for the kids with more space for the kids to play. But with the holidays approaching and as I start thinking about what we’re going to get the kids for Christmas this year, I want to focus on investing in educational toys that will keep my kids occupied and not just take up space in the toy closet. I’m focusing first on Charlotte by looking for the best learning toys for two year olds.

Charlotte started preschool this fall, and she’s learning so much and has so much going on in her brain. I want to help support what she’s learning and help her to grow. The best learning toys for two year olds will do just that. They help develop two year olds, helping them to hit their milestones and grow in age-appropriate ways — while having fun. If you’re getting your holiday shopping done early or have an upcoming birthday, here are the best learning toys for two year olds.

Lovevery Kits


Wood House Shape Sorter

Montessori Board

Doctor Kit


Food Cutting Kit

Pull Apart Dinosaurs

Stacking Spin Toy

Tree House Toy

Cleaning Set

Pop Pop Piano Game

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