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End of Year Teacher Gifts

by krismkoch
end of year teacher gifts

Even though the world is slowly opening up again, the end of the school year feels different once again this year. We haven’t been inside James’ preschool once this year and while I have had Zoom conferences with his teachers, I haven’t been able to meet with them in person. Still, it’s not lost on me how much James’ teachers and the school administrators have done this year. In fact, the school was only closed for a few days here and there this entire year, which is an incredible feat. They did such a good job of finding ways to keep our kiddos safe and healthy and in school, and it’s made such a difference for James and the kids. With the year coming to close, I wanted to find a thoughtful way to thank his teachers for all they’ve done for him. But I don’t know about you, but finding cute end of year teacher gifts is actually pretty tough.

End of year teacher gifts are hard to select. Teachers get so many mugs and notebooks and pencils, and totes. I don’t want to give them another thing they don’t need or that they gotten a million times over. At the same time, I wasted my go-to teacher gifts over the holidays, so now I have to come up with something new. While I was researching the best end of year teacher gifts and asking all my teacher friends, I found a bunch of great ideas. I thought I’d share them with you if you’re struggling to figure out end of year teacher gifts too. FWIW my mom found one gift that really worked and repeated it ever year — she’d order ornaments or bookmarks that benefited a wildlife charity. Teachers get lots of trinkets, so I loved that she thought of giving them something with a charitable angle and because it was always a hit, she just repeated it so she didn’t have to think about it, something I’m realizing is genius. I still have yet to find my go-to gifts, but I feel like all of these are things teachers will actually use and could be good to use year after year.

If you’re searching for cute end of year teacher gifts, here are a bunch I found. And please share any of your favorite teacher gifts in the comments too.

Personalized Stationary

Luxe Candle

Monogrammed Beach Tote

Pastry Sampler


Olive Oil Set

Yeti Mug

Soap Set


Spa Gift Card


Embroidered Guest Towels

Seagrass Carafe/Vase

Packing Cubes

Soft Personalized Throw

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