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The Store Where Every Fashion Blogger Gets Their Fall Staples

by krismkoch

Ok, I know I’m like a million years late here, but & Other Stories is everything, guys. If you don’t know about this secret (or maybe not so secret) gem, it’s basically where all your favorite bloggers source the cute pieces you see in their instas that you want. And the best part is it’s affordable. Literally, if you see something you like in a blogger’s pic, chances are it’s from & Other Stories. I had always known about it, but honestly, I just never shopped there. I tend to stick to my usual standbys. But recently, every time I have seen something I like on a blogger or fellow editor or friend, and I’ve asked where it’s from, it’s been & Other Stories, and so I spent way too much time perusing their website, and I want everything. I really is that good, and I swear this isn’t sponsored. I just feel like I should share this and because I can’t buy it all, I’m sharing with you my favorite finds because someone should be wearing these amazing pieces.

From top left:

Leopard Print Sweater

Plaid Coat

Mockneck Varsity Stripe Sweater

Oversized Cable Knit Sweater

Faux Shearling Coat

Leopard Print Coat

Collarless Camel Coat

Buckle Loafers

Belted Wool Coat

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