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You know those women with amazing style whose closets you wish you could raid? And whose styling skills you wish you were born with, because you have know idea how they thought to put those two pieces together, or how they can make a T-shirt and jeans look so friggin’ cool? I used to be convinced I needed to work at Vogue and make millions moonlighting as the next Danielle Steele in order to be one of the impossibly chic women I would see in the elevators at Conde Nast, where I started my career. But after spending years working in the fashion industry as a writer and editor, I’ve learned that the chicest women aren’t born with some innate fashion gene, nor do they necessarily have limitless clothing allowances. Even the trendsetters with the boldest, most fashion-forward style have consistencies to their style, from wardrobe staples to go-to looks, and when you break them down, mastering their style isn’t as hard or as cost-prohibitive as it seems. The trick is figuring out the style that fits you, and then developing the shopping and styling skills so you can identify the staples worth investing in and the right trends to throw in to the mix to keep your look fresh.

So you know that style crush whose every outfit you obsess over and whose shoes you’d secretly die to live in? Stop wishing you could be that stylish — BE that stylish. 

Consider this your guide to becoming one of those impossibly chic women whose style everyone wants to steal.